Fascinated by what he saw on his social environment while going to his school of architecture in Bandung,  BEDLAM suddenly discovers the way he look on what he hold as common sense; an ecletic and unruly mixtures of the place, the time, and the people.

            Echoes in his everyday life, Bedlam create a fictional character : a Smirky Rodent. A rodent in a hole that gnawing into our daily environments, tends to contribute a ‘meaning’ for any neglected space  we’ve seen and passing by in our everyday life.

            His act and marks themselves are a daring attack on our daily routines and behaviours by adding some fractals colors and lineworks. Threading in and out of the design, illustration, and graffiti, Bedlam’s works are renowned for its unplanned markmaking shapes and filling leave nobody inflagrant.

– “Real eyes realize real lies

  1. yo bedlam!thanx for stoppin’ by..
    you too doin’ lots of great pieces..
    i wonder if we could making some piece together..

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