Your little boy, bedlam was invited by FOLD magazine’s “Kopi Darat”. Collaborating with HONG commmunity to customize a traditional yet dope toys side by side with StereoflowTellThem and The Kumkum. See you guys up there, and give them a warm hello here!

KOPI DARAT is one of the most powerful Indonesian product design meets. Will be held at one of the living heritage on the emerging creative city in the country, Bandung. We’ll be gather in one great day and party all nite long and also celebrate a launching of Fold Magazine as a platfrom to watching the uprising of Indonesian design and Global design expansion. As a young design group we always try to bring something fresh and cool as we love to create brand new exploration for our achivement and dedication. After all as we love to party and getting wild. We want to give our best to you.

Date & Time
27 February 2010, 09.00-21.00

Gedung Indonesia Menggugat
Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan no. 5
Bandung West Java


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